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Tabari I:280 Because Allah afflicted Eve, all of the women of the world menstruate and are stupid.

"A woman's paradise is under her husband's foot." - Wafa Sultan

Daniel 11:37 Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all. 38 But in his estate shall he honour the God of forces: and a god whom his fathers knew not...

"Neither shall he regard ..... the desire of women..." Some don't find Muhammad a fit for this ruler because "...he shall magnify himself above all...", confusing what Muhammad claimed, with the reality of what Muhammad accomplished. He indeed magnified himself above all because Muslims must necessarily reject the 1600 year record that God delivered through ALL of His prophets and witnesses, that His people have followed through two covenants for 3500 years, to follow Muhammad's stand-alone, 23 year, 7th century record.

Sura 2:223 your wives are as tilth (farmland) unto you; so approach your tilth when or how ye will...

After all what woman could compete with the black-eyed virgins in the paradise of Muhammad's carnal imagination?

Muhammad and his men sexually enslaved women and girls taken as spoils of war with his "Allah's" blessing. Indeed Muhammad was given a special "revelation" allowing him all the wives and concubines he wanted - but only for him.  The believers at large are still allowed four wives plus concubines. But then all it takes for a man to divorce his wife under Islamic Sharia law is for him to say "I divorce you" three times. In Saudi Arabia and Malaysia husbands can accomplish that by text message.

Sura 66.5 It may be, if he divorced you (all), that Allah will give him in exchange consorts better than you,- who submit (their wills), who believe, who are devout, who turn to Allah in repentance, who worship (in humility), who travel (for Faith) and fast,- previously married or virgins.

"In what ways are women prejudiced against in Pakistan?"
Pakistani interviewee:
"Traditionally she is like a machine who bears children and when the duty is done she is kicked out of the house." (video)

Unfortunately, the same rule does not apply to men. Indeed, if a wife asks for a divorce she might wind up being beheaded to preserve her husband's "honor", like the wife of U.S. Muslim TV station founder Mo Hassan who did to his wife. Ironically Hassan established his Bridges TV channel to educate non-muslims as to how tolerant and peaceful Islam is. With men allowed four wives plus concubines it's obvious that any claims of equality between men and women in Islam ring hollow. So what happens to children in households where husbands marry younger and younger wives and have legions of younger and younger children? The male children receive little to no fathering, resulting in what today, would seem psychologically inevitable.

Muhammad himself married a 6 year old, and consummated the marriage when she was 9 years old, while he was 53 years old. Aisha was never able to bear children. The same goes on throughout the Islamic world today since Muhammad's follower's emulate his behavior.

"8-year-old Yemeni Child Dies At hands of 40-year-old Husband On Wedding Night" "Al Nahar, Lebanon, has reported that an eight year old child bride died in Yemen on her wedding night after suffering internal injuries due to sexual trauma."

Sura 33:50-51 - "O prophet! We have made lawful to thee thy wives to whom thou hast paid their dowers; and those whom thy right hand possesses out of the prisoners of war ... this only for thee, and not for believers [at large]; we know what we have appointed for them as to their wives and the  captives whom their right hand possess; - in order that there should be no difficulty for thee. And God is oft-forgiving, most merciful. Yusuf Ali translation from M. Ali - Islam Reviewed (free book at the link)

Including still-married women:

Surah 4:24 Also (prohibited are) women already married, except those whom your right hands possess:... (VIDEO)

Sahih Muslim: "It is permissible to have sexual intercourse with a captive woman after she is purified (of menses or delivery) in case she has a husband, her marriage is abrogated after she becomes captive.

Sahih Bukhari Volume 5, Book 59, Number 522: Narrated Anas bin Malik: We arrived at Khaibar, and when Allah helped His Apostle to open the fort, the beauty of Safiya bint Huyai bin Akhtaq whose husband had been killed while she was a bride, [by Muhammad's men when they attacked that peaceful Jewish farming community] was mentioned to Allah's Apostle. The Prophet selected her for himself, and set out with her, and when we reached a place called Sidd-as-Sahba,' Safiya became clean from her menses then Allah's Apostle married her.

24: ...The Muslims said amongst themselves, "Will she (i.e. Safiya) be one of the mothers of the believers, (i.e. one of the wives of the Prophet ) or just (a lady captive) of what his right-hand possesses" Some of them said, "If the Prophet makes her observe the veil, then she will be one of the mothers of the believers (i.e. one of the Prophet's wives), and if he does not make her observe the veil, then she will be his lady slave.".....

Ishaq:517 "When the Apostle took Safiyah on his way out of town, she was beautified and combed, putting her in a fitting state for the Messenger. The Apostle passed the night with her in his tent. Abu Ayyub, girt with his sword, guarded the Apostle, going round the tent until he saw him emerge in the morning. Abu said, 'I was afraid for you with this woman for you have killed her father, her husband, and her people.'"

Tabari IX:133 "Juwayriyyah was chosen by the Messenger for himself on the day of the Muraysi raid from the captives." "Muhammad married Umm, who had embraced Christianity."

Tabari IX:147 "A eunuch named Mubur was presented to Muhammad along with two slave girls. One he took as a concubine, the other he gave to Haasn."

You get the general idea. It should be painfully obvious to a rational person that the only way that the capture and sexual assault of women taken as spoils of war, could be described as something other than rape, is if the woman or girl whose husband, father, and son had just been slaughtered by Muhammad and his men, would then desire to have sexual intercourse with the murderer, as soon as her period was over.

Sura 23.1 The believers must (eventually) win through,- 2 Those ....
5 Who abstain from sex, 6 Except with those joined to them in the marriage bond, or (the captives) whom their right hands possess,- for (in their case) they are free from blame,

In other words, those who fornicate with captured sex slaves, are free from blame in "Allah's" view.

Sura 24:33:...But force not your maids to prostitution when they desire chastity, in order that ye may make a gain in the goods of this life. But if anyone compels them, yet, after such compulsion, is Allah, Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful (to them),     

So when they don't desire chastity, prostitute them and make a gain. Perhaps they want to share in that gain or maybe just get some distance from their filthy captor for a little while.
But then even if you compel them, Allah is forgiving!
Pretty convenient god for an army of imperialistic, conquering, female prisoner violating, murdering, thieves.

"Eyewitness accounts detailing the militia attacks are horrifying. "They killed my 3-year-old son right in front of my eyes," one father from West Darfur said. Since last fall, women have reported more than 500 rapes. Three women said five militiamen beat and raped them last August. The women said, "After they abused us, they told us that now we would have Arab babies. And, if they would find any [more] women, they would rape them again to change the color of their children.""

But what about countries that are 100% Muslim where everyone is ruled under the perfection of Islamic Sharia law? (and increasingly elsewhere (video)) In Saudia Arabia 15 girls were killed because Islamic religious police sent them back into a burning school, for having attempted to emerge from the burning building without head coverings.
"The English-language Saudi Gazette, in a front-page report yesterday quoted witnesses as saying that members of the religious police stopped men who tried to help the girls escape from the building, saying: 'It is sinful to approach them.'"
"A civil defense officer told an Arabic-language newspaper, al-Eqtisadiah, that he saw three members of the religious police "beating young girls to prevent them from leaving the school because they were not wearing the abaya"."

Video: The Violent Oppression of Women in Islam
YouTube Video search: islam honor killing - islam honour killing.

For young women considering marriage to a Muslim man:

Sura 4.11 Allah (thus) directs you as regards your Children's (Inheritance): to the male, a portion equal to that of two females....

If a Muslim woman has the misfortune of being raped, she is beaten for it if she is lucky, or killed by her family if a relative decides to rescue his family's "honor". In these killings, the more heinous the method of killing, the greater the rescue of "honor". If you are an "infidel", or a Muslim for that matter, that is considering marriage to a Muslim man, please read "Infidel" by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Somalian raised Muslim.
YouTube of an Islamic official on the subject of rape.

Muhammad's wives

Explore websites and material that discuss women's roles and rights in Islam like "The Position of Women in Islam" by Hamdun Dagher.

There are lots of videos, in Muslims own words, available at MEMRI TV. Select one of the "Featured Subjects", such as "Women's Rights" or "Indoctrination of Children".

Sura 2:282 "...if the two be not men, then one man and two women, such witnesses as you approve of, that if one of the two women errs the other will remind her..."
(URL) Accusation of Rape in Islam

In this video we learn it takes the testimony of four women to bring an allegation of rape against a man.

Volume 1, Book 6, Number 301: Narrated Abu Said Al-Khudri:
    Once Allah's Apostle went out to the Musalla (to offer the prayer) o 'Id-al-Adha or Al-Fitr prayer. Then he passed by the women and said, "O women! Give alms, as I have seen that the majority of the dwellers of Hell-fire were you (women)." They asked, "Why is it so, O Allah's Apostle ?" He replied, "You curse frequently and are ungrateful to your husbands. I have not seen anyone more deficient in intelligence and religion than you. A cautious sensible man could be led astray by some of you." The women asked, "O Allah's Apostle! What is deficient in our intelligence and religion?" He said, "Is not the evidence of two women equal to the witness of one man?" They replied in the affirmative. He said, "This is the deficiency in her intelligence. Isn't it true that a woman can neither pray nor fast during her menses?" The women replied in the affirmative. He said, "This is the deficiency in her religion."

Men are promised virgins and rivers of wine in heaven.  And the promise for women?  Are they perhaps the ones stuck cooking the chicken to top-off a lifetime of abuse, and competing with other wives, on earth?
Muhammad said there is a higher percentage of women in hell because they are not allowed to pray when menstruating, and because of their deficiency in intelligence evidenced by his rule that the witness of two women equal the witness of one man.

Sura 24.6 And for those who launch a charge against their spouses, and have (in support) no evidence but their own,- their solitary evidence (can be received) if they bear witness four times (with an oath) by Allah that they are solemnly telling the truth;

Good luck with that ladies! A guy simply repeating it four times makes men's allegations fact!

Volume 1, Book 2, Number 28:  Narrated Ibn 'Abbas:
  The Prophet said: "I was shown the Hell-fire and that the majority of its dwellers were women who were ungrateful." It was asked, "Do they disbelieve in Allah?" (or are they ungrateful to Allah?) He replied, "They are ungrateful to their husbands and are ungrateful for the favors and the good (charitable deeds) done to them. If you have always been good (benevolent) to one of them and then she sees something in you (not of her liking), she will say, 'I have never received any good from you."

Here are a lot of free books regarding Islam.
An excellent meld of the Quran with the Hadith, for context, presented in chronological order, can be found at the Prophet of Doom (by Craig Winn) website.

M. Ali on the status of women in Islam.  

Testimony of a Saudi woman: "Saudi society is based on Masters and slaves....To be more precise masters and maids... masters are the men and slaves are the women.... The ownership of a woman is passed from one man to another.... from the father or the brother, to another man, the husband."

Good video on the history of slavery in Islamic countries as compared to the West.
Wife Beating (URL to this spot)

"Two million Muslim women beaten ..... in France!  So what goes on in the Arab world?  Total isolation." (video)

Sura (4:34) - Men are the maintainers of women because Allah has made some of them to excel others and because they spend out of their property; the good women are therefore obedient, guarding the unseen as Allah has guarded; and (as to) those on whose part you fear desertion, admonish them, and leave them alone in the sleeping-places and beat them; then if they obey you, do not seek a way against them; surely Allah is High, Great.

Bukhari Book #72, Hadith #715 Narrated 'Ikrima: Rifa'a divorced his wife whereupon 'AbdurRahman bin Az-Zubair Al-Qurazi married her. 'Aisha said that the lady (came), wearing a green veil (and complained to her (Aisha) of her husband and showed her a green spot on her skin caused by beating). It was the habit of ladies to support each other, so when Allah's Apostle came, 'Aisha said, "I have not seen any woman suffering as much as the believing women. Look! Her skin is greener than her clothes!"

Wife beating in Islam
Wife Beating in Islam - No more than 10 blows!
Video lessons on how to properly beat your wife

I have yet to witness a single discussion among Muslim men regarding the psychological devastation suffered by their women that are beaten. The only discussion seems to revolve around how hard and on which part of the body a husband is to hit them.

Does Islam liberate women?

Sura 2:228 Divorced women shall wait concerning themselves for three monthly periods. Nor is it lawful for them to hide what Allah Hath created in their wombs, if they have faith in Allah and the Last Day. And their husbands have the better right to take them back in that period, if they wish for reconciliation. And women shall have rights similar to the rights against them, according to what is equitable; but men have a degree (of advantage) over them. And Allah is Exalted in Power, Wise.

Perhaps we see the exercise of that "degree (of advantage)" in the photo above, besides men only needing to say "I divorce you" three times to accomplish it, and then move on to the next.

Muslim "Honor" Killings (video)

In Pakistan
honor mutilation victim
"It happened at night right after he returned from doing his prayers. He took the children and locked them in the other room. He then started beating me with the handle of an axe."
"She tried to tell me that she did not know who he was."
"He hanged me upside down and beat me till my ribs broke. He screamed at me and picked up a knife."
"I did this for honor. Everyone does things for their honor."
"First he cut off my ears. Then he carved off my nose. With pliers in my mouth he cut my tongue. And then he took out my eyes with the knife."
"I cut her ears off because she never listened to anything I said. Yet she would listen to others. Even all the men she slept with. I took her eyes out because she would see things that I did not approve of. The worst thing was I really cared for her and loved her."
"He tried to cut my tongue so I could not testify. Thank God I could speak and testify. I was once a pretty woman. Now I can't even go for a walk outside. People stare. I can feel their eyes on me. I hear them whisper. I hear their rumors and lies. I can hear them gasp when they see my face."
Interviewer to husband
"Do you deserve to be punished?"
"No. I don't think so because I did it for my honor and pride."

Do we have to wonder who this guy was praying to? Obviously Muhammad and the Quraish's "Allah".

sura 2.223 Your wives are as a tilth unto you; so approach your tilth when or how ye will; but do some good act for your souls beforehand....

Muslim honor killing

Anyone who believes Afghanistan is improving while still under Islamic control should visit:  Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)  

Child brides in Islam (videos)

"Two years ago, the father of Samia raped a 10 year old daughter of Mohammad Yassin in Baghlan province in northern Afghanistan. When he was arrested, according to the customs of that area which are called “Bad”, he is asked to give his daughter to a son of Mohammad Yassin, so the issue could be settled. He gives Samia to Mohammad Omer (son of M. Yassin) to marry.

Then Samia is taken to the house of M. Yassin where she is regarded as a slave and for two long years experiences every kind of torture and discrimination. The family daily beat the innocent child and locked her down in a dark basement. They injured her body by using hot metal pieces, pulled her hair, kept her naked and force her to stay outside in the freezing weather for hours and many other such bestial punishments."

"Once again, women are the targets. In mid-March, rebels assaulted three women gathering firewood and cut off their ears, lips, and breasts."  
"Starting in 2003, Janjaweed Arabs, a Sudan-backed militia, have driven 2 million villagers from their homes in ethnic-cleansing attacks designed to suppress local rebels."

Men can say "I divorce you" three times and then move on to the next woman. Men even divorce their wives by text message. For women it's a somewhat different matter, and if a woman is caught in an adulterous relationship she is subject to being stoned:

Or may be hanged:

The slaughter of human rights under Islam.
How about children?

"Circumcision is a law for men and a preservation of honour for women."
Try a Bing search for female circumcision, also known as female genital mutilation, or FGM.  This is a punishment in Saudi Arabia for prostitution, and this procedure is practiced in much of Africa on children, but today even in Britain, and in the United States.  "Why does FGM occur in the United States?"
Testimonies of women speaking about female circumcision. Try YouTube searches
"For the first time ever, there is a criminal case in the United States stemming from Female Genital Mutilation - the practice of "circumcising" a female infant or toddler." ... Adem, currently out on bond, is charged with aggravated assault and cruelty to children under Georgia law, both of which have the component of malicious intent. 'There is no malicious intent if you are from a practicing community,'"  Perhaps coming to a "practicing community" near you soon.

"'your wives are as tilth (farmland) unto you; so approach your tilth when or how ye will.' (Sura 2:223).
To say that wives must be passive partners is an understatement." - from "Islam Reviewed"

"The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property, either as a child, a wife, or a concubine, must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men." - Sir Winston Churchill

"In a law court, the testimony of a man is equal to that of  two women. If a family inheritance is involved, a female beneficiary always receives less than a male. In fact, the Koran directs:  "To the male a portion equal to that of two females"" (Sura 4:11; 4:176).

More from MEMRI TV on the rights of women.

Matthew 7:17-18 Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.  18 A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither [can] a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.

Link to Ummat al Kuffar - All for One and One for All