The False Prophet  


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THIRTY years ago all notable prophecy teachers pronounced, as if
from on high, that the USSR was the final satanic end-time empire of all time. A laughable concept now, long abandoned. However, other
fanciful views  still  cloud men's minds and flood our bookstores.
imaginations  for  which  there  is  little  scriptural  support.  These
'traditions of men" are immensely popular and why shouldn't they
be? Doesn't everyone want to hear a tranquilizing song, true or not,
that lulls us into believing we will be spared a time of trouble? Of
course. So despite the ever-worsening Islamic terrorist attacks upon
our  people,  with  Armageddon  looming  on  the  horizon,  will  the
church have ears  to hear  this "wake-up call  from hell," as  Israel's
Binyamin Netanyahu termed New York's smoking ruins?

Beginning in 1979 with a Revelation Chart and a little book called
Daniel is Out of Chronological Order (both  now  out  of  print),
Skolfield's books on Bible prophecy have become standard reference works  for  prophecy  students  of  many  denominations.  From  the
beginning of his ministry, Skolfield taught that the final empire to
come against the Church and Israel would not be  the communist
world or a "New World Order," but Iraq, Iran, Syria, and the radical
Moslem fundamentalists of the Middle East. And so it has proven to

Much of this new book will be familiar to those who have read
Sozo or the Hidden Beast series. However, there is much here that is new. Additional subjects needed to be addressed or illustrated. Of
necessity,  there  are  still  chapters  on  the  "Time  of  the  Gentiles," day=years, time-times, and so on. Please forgive the repetition, but
those not familiar with the prophetic principals spelled out in the
author's earlier works would be totally lost if those concepts were not

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