The False Prophet  


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OUT of the deserts of the Middle East he came, a false prophet,
and out of that same Euphrates Valley came his followers, the final
foes of the Church and Israel. "Three unclean spirits like frogs" is
what  the  Bible  calls  them.  They  are  the  international  Islamic
terrorist organizations and militant Islamic states of Iraq, Iran and
Syria who  fund and protect them. These three Middle Eastern
countries and their associates are the Leopard-Bear-Lion beast of
Revelation, and the malevolent influence of that devilish trident
can be felt over the whole world as "they gather the kings of the
earth together for the battle of the great day of God Almighty."

Arutz Sheva Israel National Radio, 9/30/2001, 4:43pm
by Moshe Feiglin

I came to the US for four days, for a meeting that was to
have  been  held  in  Manhattan  on  Tuesday  evening,
September 11. The meeting didn't take place no one could
get in or out of the great city. I'm not sure if all those invited
to the meeting are still alive.

There were no flights back home, and all that remained
to do was to listen to the reports and hope for a place on the
first flight returning to Israel.

It was impossible to get away from the reports of  the
massacre in downtown Manhattan. The  news was
everywhere: on the air, at home, in the car, in the shops. I
entered the neighborhood grocery store. The storekeeper's
radio was on.

President Bush was speaking to the American people: "I
declare tomorrow to be a day of prayer," said the President.
"I ask every American, during lunch time tomorrow to pray
for all the injured, their families, and the American nation.
Go to church, to the synagogue, to the mosque and pray,"
ended the President.

"Did I hear  right?"  I ask the  storekeeper,  "Did he say

She nodded.

 14  The False Prophet

"At this very moment you've just lost the war," I say to
the astonished storekeeper, and start looking for what I need
on the shelves.

When  the  black  boxes  of  the  hijacked  airplanes  are
recovered, we will hear the pilots screaming "Allahu Akbar"
in the last moments before the crash. They slaughtered the
Americans in the name of Allah, and now the President calls
on them to pray to him.1

I wanted to shout what Moshe just said again and again : "At
this very moment you've just lost the war - at this very moment
you've just lost the war!"

God willing it's not too late for us, but Moshe sure has a point.
The West and the Church have been defending themselves against
a militant Islam for centuries and the Jews have been defending
themselves against militant Palestinian Moslems ever since Israel
became a nation.  We in the West  don't want to see this as  a
religious war, but it is, and this conflict won't go away. We may
not hate Islam, but history irrefutably establishes that Islam has
hated us ever since its inception. To Islam, we have always been
the "infidels" and we will surely lose this war if we are unwilling
to recognize who our enemies are and if we are reluctant to stand
against them.

Arutz Sheva Israel National Radio, 9/24/2001, 4:51pm
Early this morning, Sal'it Sheetreet and her husband Barak,
of  Kibbutz  Sdei  Eliyahu,  were  attacked  by  Arab  terrorist
gunfire while traveling on the main northern Jordan Valley
highway. Sal'it, 28 years of age, was killed almost instantly
by gunfire to her head and was buried in the Sdei Eliyahu
cemetery. Barak, the driver, was lightly injured by
ricocheted fragments. Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility
for the murder.

1 All quotes in the preface are from and
they are quoted by permission.

 Preface  15

Arutz Sheva Israel National Radio, 10/4/2001, 10:21am
In Jerusalem, an Arab car overtook that of a young Jewish
couple, Pinchas and Mali Cohen of Ramat Shlomo, on one of
the city's main highways,  shot at the two, and sped off
towards Ramallah. The attack occurred shortly before
midnight on the road leading from Ramot and Ramat
Shlomo towards French Hill. The young mother, pregnant
with her second child, was shot in the chest and neck; she
was  originally  reported  as  seriously  wounded,  but  her
condition is now listed as moderate, as is her husband, who
was shot in the chest.

Ariel Sharon, Prime Minister of Israel
Excerpt of a Speech to the Knesset, September 4th 2001
"Today, Israel suffered another heinous Palestinian terrorist
attack (in Afula), which took a heavy toll: Three dead and
seven wounded. All our  efforts to reach a cease-fire have
been torpedoed by the Palestinians. The fire did not cease,
not even for one day."

If you think those are just isolated incidents being quoted to
inflame our passions, you would be wrong. This book could be
filled with such accounts. Terrorist attacks are a daily occurrence
in Israel, usually against civilian targets.

This is not just a view of the future, this is today and terrorism
has come to us - the fall of the World Trade Center - the saber
rattling of the anti-western Islamic states - the increased activism
of Islamic radicals. These may well be the first shots  of
Armageddon - the beginning of the end - with final fulfillment of
all Bible prophecy near at hand.

Arutz Sheva Israel National Radio, 9/30/2001, 8:19am
Palestinian Mufti Forbids Moslems to Join Anti-terror Coalition
The Middle East Media Research Institute reports that the
Palestinian  Authority Mufti  in  Jerusalem  has  called  upon
Moslems not to join the American anti-terrorism coalition.
This past Friday, Sept. 28, 2001, the PA's Mufti, Sheikh

 16  The False Prophet

Ikrimah Sabri, encouraged the worshippers in the Al-Aqsa
Mosque on the Temple Mount to oppose the coalition.
So much for any serious cooperation from Islamic mullahs.

Even  as  we  write,  the mullahs  in  Pakistan  and  elsewhere  are
inflaming  their  local people against the United States. drive to
destroy  the  terrorist  cells  in  Afghanistan,  but  that  behavior  is
nothing new. Major Bible prophecies, written 600 years before
Muhammad was born, tell of the extreme enmity Islam will have
towards Christendom. The Bible predicts Islam's militant rise to
power during the Dark Ages and its decline after the battles of
Tours and Vienna. The Bible also predicts the number of  years
that Moslems will control the Holy Land. The Bible then describes
Islam's second rise to world influence after the  return of the Jews
to the Holy Land in 1948 - a Jihad we see before us now. The
Bible finally predicts how this conflict will end.

What the Bible tells us about Islam and our final battle is the
story, and it needs to be told. We may not be at war with Islam,
but Islam has been at war with us for over 1300 years, in fact, ever
since the First Jihad, which began in the 7th Century. The Bible
tells us all about this war by predicting when the Moslem Dome
of the Rock would be built in Jerusalem and when the Jewish
people would be restored to the Holy Land. The events of 688,
1948 and 1967AD cannot be challenged.

The fulfillment of 1290 days of Dan 12:11 in the construction
of the Dome of the Rock on the old temple mount is pinned to the
beginning  of  the  reign  of Nebuchadnezzar,  and  few argue  the
606BC or 605BC dating of that event.

That the restoration of  the Jews to Israel in 1948 and the
freeing of Jerusalem from Gentile domination  in 1967 was
predicted right to the year is unshakable.

That the time of Gentile dominion in Jerusalem is over is a
plain declaration of Scripture, Luk 21:24. That we are in the "end-

 Preface  17

times" is easily concluded when that verse is compared with Dan
12:4, 9.

That the beasts, heads, and horns of Revelation 13 and 17 are
empires and kingdoms, rather than an antichrist and his followers,
has solid scriptural and historic foundation. That the final enemies
of  the  church  will  come  from  the  Islamic  world  is  beyond
reasonable doubt.

It cannot be biblically argued that the church will be taken to
be with the Lord at any trumpet other than the very last trumpet
of all time. Consequently, any position that requires trumpets to
blow after the Last Trumpet of 1Co 15:51-52 is openly opposed to

Wanting to keep  this book simple, much of the supporting
theological data has been left out. It there is sufficient interest,
that data will be published in a second book. Reconciling all the
data available for some of the concepts contained in this book has
been a monumental task, so it would have been easy to overlook
some relevant historic point or passage in Scripture. This could
have lead to incorrect conclusions. We trusted the Holy Spirit to
protect us from omission or excess.

The author takes the responsibility of writing a work on the
Word of God very seriously. We fear God too much to willfully, or
through carelessness, become just another heretic who led the
church astray. Consequently, great care has been taken to be as
historically accurate as possible, and to handle the Word of God
with honor, humility and reverence, "rightly dividing the word of


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