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Church-goers in America have no idea of what it is like to stand for
Jesus in the face of severe persecution. Christians in mortal danger
live so far away that their trials aren't real to us. But if you were
there, ah, then the inhuman oppression of it all would hit you in the
face like a hammer blow. You would discover that speaking out for
Jesus could be suicidal. Many of your friends would be in hiding, in
jail, or lying face down in some muddy ditch - just a few more infidel
corpses rotting unmourned in the tropical sun.

In the Sudan, Christians by the hundreds of thousands have been
slaughtered, many by crucifixion. In Nigeria, many thousands more
have been killed. One African brother (attending a Bible College here
in the United States) plans to return home to begin a Christian
school in his native land, but he knows he will not last more than a
year or two before they kill him.

So what kind of people would act with such cruel hatred toward
defenseless men and women who wished them no harm? The radical
Muslims, that.s who, in an Islamic Jihad or so-called "holy war" they
have been waging against Christians and Jews for over 1300 years.
M. Ali (not his real name) has seen the above with his own eyes,
so he writes  about  Islam  from  personal  experience.  Ali  is  a well-
educated former Muslim who came to the Lord and is now a minister
of  the Gospel.  Because  of  his  background,  Ali  is  particularly well
suited to compare the Bible to the Koran and history, and he does so
in such a way that truths about which he writes literally jump off the
page at you.

We may not be able to relate to every word this dear brother has
written. But that shouldn't matter to us for a minute. What counts is
that Ali is a stalwart brother in a foreign land who, at the risk of his
life, is standing for Jesus against a murderous enemy. And wonder
of it all, though they have killed his Christian  friends and burned
their  churches,  Ali  still  sees  Muslims  as  precious  souls  for whom
Jesus died. As a result, he is an example to us all on how to love and
witness to Muslims in the face of their virulent animosity.

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