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Islam is one of the world's fastest growing religions. About 1.2 billion people are said to profess faith in it. Besides its numerical growth, Islam also seems to be the only religion in the universe that openly challenges Christianity.

Islam opposes the cardinal teachings of Christianity such as the sonship of Christ, the fatherhood of God and the death of Jesus Christ. Because of these opposing doctrinal views, the need to review Islam is critical to those who hunger for truth. The teachings on the person of Christ determine the genuineness or falsity of any religion. Without Christ, all religions could be right. So from the outset, we are going to be reviewing  Islam, based on its teachings on Christ and other Biblical doctrines. We must face the issues raised in this book squarely as they have eternal consequences for our souls, be we Christian or Muslim.

Therefore, I adjure you, in the name of the Lord, to be open-hearted and patient as you journey with me through the pages of this book. This book wasn't written for argument sake (we have had plenty of that in the past without positive results), but rather to challenge you to eternal life.
If you are one of those who has closed his heart to the truth, then this
book will be of little or no help to you (You need special prayer for
deliverance). I strongly believe that polemical somersaults, however
logical they may seem, will avail nothing before the judgement throne
of God on the last day.

Truth can sometimes be exceedingly hot and bitter. If you find any statement in this book to be offensive, be sure it is not intended to be. For courtesy sake, throughout this book I use the Koranic translation accepted by all Muslims (Yusuf Ali's) and the recognized Hadiths.

Since it takes humility, open-mindedness and prayer to understand the things of God, I advise you to pray genuinely - in whatever language - that God should reveal to you the truth in this book, or the lies (if any), and you can be certain of His help, if you pray to Him sincerely.

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