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The False Prophet  



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And the light of a candle shall shine
no more at all in thee;
and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride
shall be heard no more at all in thee...
And in her was found the blood of prophets,
and of saints,
and of all that were slain upon the earth.

HISTORICALLY  positioned  at  the  fall  of  the  Davidic  kingdom,
Daniel's visions accurately predict the four great Gentile empires,
who would rule in the Holy Land during the Time of the Gentiles.
The visions of the "Great Image" and  "Four Beasts." identify those
major Middle Eastern empires as Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece,
and Rome (Daniel chapters 2 and 7). The descendants of those
empires, united under Islam, continued to rule the Holy Land from
639 to 1948-1967.

Daniel's  primary  ministry  was  to  tell  the  Jews  about  their
future during the 2573 years their land would be under Gentile
control,  and  he  did  so  in  a  series  of  parallel  and  repetitive
prophecies.  The  Lord  also  told  Daniel  how  long  that  Gentile
domination would last (the Time, Times, and a half), but Daniel

 152  The False Prophet

couldn't understand "time" (Dan 12:8), so until this generation,
nobody knew when the Time of the Gentiles would be over.
After the cross, God inspired another apocalyptic prophet, the
Apostle  John,  to  write  the  book  of  Revelation.  John  was
positioned at the beginning of the Christian Era, and his book is
primarily about this era.1  The  Leopard-Bear-Lion  identifies  the
Islamic beast who would trespass on the Holy City for 1278  years,
while the Scarlet Beast is an overview of the Gentile empires that
would trouble God's people throughout time.

Revelation  17:3  So  he  carried  me  away  in  the  spirit  into  the
wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured
beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and
ten horns.

When we look back at history through the grid of Revelation,
the seven heads of Rev 17:3 exactly fit the world empires that
have  controlled the Holy Land down through the ages. But  to
understand who these empires are, we need to look at them from
the historic position of the Apostle John, in about 100AD:

Revelation 17:10-11  And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and
one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh,
he must continue a short space.

During  John's lifetime, Rome was in power, so Rome was
empire number six, the empire that IS. The "five fallen" would
then have to be five empires that controlled the Holy Land before
John's time. Four of those empires can easily be documented as
Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia and Greece. The identity of the first

1  Revelation is also a figurative work, and it is organized in exactly the same way
that Daniel is - in a series of repetitive prophecies. The two beasts of Revelation 13
and  17  are  repetitive  pictures  of  world  history,  and  they  are  repeated  in  an
organized way. Rev 17 equals Rev 13 as the B=B of Rev's 2nd chiasm. The chiasm
is a Hebrew poetic form that was used in both Daniel and Revelation. The chapter
Chiasms & Bifids in Sozo, Survival Guide for a Remnant Church explains this form
and shows how it is key to understanding the parallel and repetitive nature of the
visions in the apocalyptic books. If there is sufficient interest in this book, a sequel
will be released that contains all this supporting information.

 Scarlet Beast  153

"king" is less certain; it could be Egypt, but it is more probably the

A 7th empire would follow Rome and continue a little while.
After Rome fell in 476AD, the next major empire to rule in the
Holy Land was the Leopard-Bear-Lion, and in God's eternal eyes,
the Moslems did remain a little while. 1260 years is a "short
space" for an eternal God.2

The seven heads of the Scarlet Beast are human empires that
existed in both Old and New Testament eras, so who is the beast
itself? The Scarlet Beast out of which those heads came must have
existed for thousands of years. No human empire lasts through
millennia, so this beast must be some unseen creature or kingdom
that has existed in the spiritual world for thousands of years. And
it has! This Scarlet Beast has been influencing the empires of men
of every age, and those kingdoms were given into his hand long
ago, just as the Bible told us at the temptation of Jesus:

1  Some teach that the seven kings of the Scarlet Beast were Roman emperors of the
1st century and that Revelation was primarily written to the Church of John's time.
However, we can now conclusively prove that the Two Witnesses, the Leopard-
Bear-Lion, and the day=years are repetitive prophecies that span the Christian Era.
Consequently, it is hermeneutically unsound to conclude that out of the whole
book of Revelation, only Chapter 17 would be addressed to the Church of the 1st
Century. If Rev 17 was only to the 1st century Church, it would be  a departure
from the repetitive chiasmic pattern the Lord revealed through the prophet Daniel.
For details,  see  the chapter  on Chiasms & Bifids  in Sozo,  Survival Guide  for  a
Remnant Church.
2  Nazi Germany geographically duplicated the old Roman Empire, and it lasted for
a very "short space" (just 12 years), so I wrote in Hidden Beast 2 that Nazi Germany
was probably the 7th head of the Scarlet Beast. I was wrong! Since a "short space"
is a rather vague term, I was looking at that space of time from man's perspective
rather than God's. That "short space" probably means something like, "I'm going
to the store, and I'm going to stay there for a short space," indicating that I am
going to spend some time at the store. When the Lord declared that the 7th head
would  continue  "for  a  short  space,"  it  now appears He was declaring  that  the
Leopard-Bear-Lion Beast would rule in the Holy Land for 1260 years, just as the
day=years and time, times have now shown us.

 154  The False Prophet


 Scarlet Beast  155

Luke 4:5-6  And the devil, taking him [Jesus] up into an high
mountain, showed unto him all the kingdoms of the world
in a moment of time. And the devil said unto him, All this
power will  I  give thee, and the glory of  them:  for that  is
delivered unto me.

Since the Scarlet Beast transcends time, it would almost have
to be a figurative representation of Satan's spiritual domain down
through time. Satan was given dominion over all the kingdoms of
the earth, so Satan's kingdom is probably the Scarlet Beast:

Revelation 17:8 & 11 The beast that thou sawest was, and is not;
and  shall  ascend  out  of  the  bottomless  pit,  and  go  into
perdition: and they that dwell on the earth shall wonder,
whose names were not written in the book of life from the
foundation of the world, when they behold the beast that
was, and is not, and yet is.  And the beast that was, and is
not, even he is the eighth, and  is of the seven, and goeth
into perdition.

There is something else peculiar about this satanic beast. This
wicked beast "was, and  is  not, and shall ascend out of the
bottomless pit." What can that mean? It means that before Jesus
went to the cross, Satan had direct control over the empires of the
world, but by John's time "he is not." Satan lost his dominion at
that point, and was cast into the bottomless pit. So when and how
was Satan cast into that pit, and by whom? Therein lies one of the
most beautiful truths in the New Testament.


 In the sovereign plan of God, Jesus was not granted authority
over all things, nor was He given a kingdom, until  after  He
ascended to the right hand of God the Father. Before then, as a
matter of biblical truth, the kingdoms of this earth were given into
Satan's hand (Luk 4:6). But after the Lord was crucified, all things
were given into Jesus' hands, and He now rules over a very real
spiritual kingdom that exists today:

 156  The False Prophet

Ephesians 1:20-23  Which he wrought in Christ, when he raised
him from the dead, and set him at his own right hand in the
heavenly places, Far above all principality, and power, and
might, and dominion, and every name that is named, not
only in this world, but also in that which is to come: And
hath put all things under his feet, and gave him to be the
head over all things to the church.

That's reality. The kingdom of the Lord Jesus exists right now,
today. Satan had it all his way until Jesus went to the cross. But
after Jesus was crucified and rose from the dead, the enemy was
finished, and he knew it. While Jesus was still on earth, He told
his disciples about this several times:

Luke 10:18 & Joh 12:31 And  he said unto them, I beheld
Satan as lightning fall from heaven ... . Now is the judgment
of this world: now shall the prince of this world be cast out.

Cast out to where? To  the abyss. We find that same event
recorded in Revelation but told to us in figurative language:

Revelation 20:1-2  And I saw an angel [Jesus] come down  from
heaven, having  the key of  the bottomless pit and a great
chain in his hand. And he laid hold on the dragon, that old
serpent, which  is  the Devil,  and Satan,  and bound him  a
thousand years [and thus, the thousand years of Rev 20 is a
figure of the Christian Era].1

You know, folks, we have been looking  for Jesus' kingdom
through the wrong end of our spiritual telescopes, and the Church
has been fed "doctrines of demons."  Just as Scripture declared
three times, we Christians have been ruling with Christ since the
cross.2  We are even now "seated in the heavenlies with Him" (Eph
2:6). With all that has happened to the brethren during this era,
it may not seem like we have done much ruling, but we have been
ruling, all the same. Our kingdom is spiritual and it has never been
of this world. It is in the heavenlies, where Christ is seated at the

1 A full explanation of why Rev 20:1-7 should be viewed as a figurative picture of
the Christian Era will be in Book II, if there is sufficient interest to publish it.
2  1Pe 2:9, Rev 1:6, Rev 5:10.

 Scarlet Beast  157

right  hand  of  God.  Christians  are  here  on  earth,  among  the
servants of Satan, for a specific purpose:

Matthew 12:29 Or else how can one enter into a strong man's
house, and spoil his goods, except he first bind the strong
man? and then he will spoil his house.

 Jesus bound the "strong man" at the cross and we are here to
carry off Satan's goods by leading the lost to Jesus. Every time we
lead a soul to the Lord, we are carting off Satan's property. So
what do you think the enemy's response would be to saints who
are despoiling his kingdom? Here is Satan's response:

2 Timothy 3:12  Yea, and all that will  live godly in Christ Jesus
shall suffer persecution.

We would like our Christian lives to be quiet and sweet and
free from trials, but that has never been the Lord's plan for us. It
wasn't true for the earlier saints of this era and it isn't true for us.
Most who have gone before were tortured and murdered for their
faith in Jesus. Is there some reason we should expect better? If we
are not being persecuted, it is because we haven't done anything
to  deserve it. Being a Christian isn't some effortless little fire
escape to keep us all from going to Hell. It is a lifetime commit-
ment to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, even unto torture and
death. When a saint dies for Jesus' sake, it isn't a defeat, it's a
victory, for "a servant is not greater than his Master":

Revelation  12:11    And  they  overcame  him  by  the  blood  of  the
Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved
not their lives unto the death.

That is what it is supposed to be like. Dead or alive, we reign
with Christ. Satan was totally defeated at the cross, cast down,
and throughout this era he has been bound in the abyss that he
might not deceive the nations. But then we read ...

Revelation 17:8, 11  The beast that thou sawest was, and is not;
and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, and go into perdi-
tion ... and they shall wonder ... when they behold the beast
that was, and is not, and yet is ... And the beast that was,

 158  The False Prophet

and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and
goeth into perdition.

Who was  bound  and  cast  into  the  bottomless  pit  (i.e.,  the
abyss)? Satan, so Satan himself is the 8th Beast. He lost direct
control of the nations at the cross, but he still "is," and he has
been ordering his fallen angels throughout this age to tempt the
hearts of men. The enemy didn't gain direct control of the nations
again until 1967, after the 7th head (the Leopard-Bear-Lion) was
fulfilled (Rev 12:12). Jesus bound Satan at the cross and cast him
into the abyss, and to whom did He give the keys? The Lord gave
the Church the keys:

Matthew 16:19 And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom
of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be
bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth
shall be loosed in heaven.

Defeat comes when we allow the enemy to lead us into the
activities  of  his  world  to  the  point  where  we  become
indistinguishable from the unsaved. When he does so, we stop
witnessing, and in a very real sense we loose Satan to influence
the minds of those about us. In this generation of ease, the Church
has gotten up off its knees - which loosed Satan's chains - and
once again the enemy and his angels have been released upon the
Earth (Rev 12:12). He is not a human antichrist, nor a talking
statue on the old temple mount, and you are not going to visibly
see him. But the enemy has been released from his prison, and he
goes forth to deceive the nations:

Revelation 20:7-8 And when the thousand years are expired [the
Christian Era], Satan shall be loosed out of his prison, And
shall  go out  to deceive the nations which are  in  the  four
quarters of the earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them
together to battle...

As  this  era  draws  to  a  close,  you  see  national  boundaries
collapsing and a one-world super economy developing. A one-
world religion is also appearing - a global ecumenism embracing
many faiths. But that ecumenism is not the Gospel of Jesus Christ

 Scarlet Beast  159

that is able to save men's souls from the wrath to come. It is the
great religious whore, and it is inspired and run by the enemy.


Within Israel's borders are the Palestinians, the Intifada, and
the terrorist Hamas, while outside its borders lie a group of radical
Islamic states. All are avowed enemies of God's people, and they
fulfill the Leopard-Bear-Lion. But under the influence of the 8th
beast (Satan), a godless council of ten is rising in the rest of the
world for one hour (as time is reckoned in day-years that equals
about two weeks).1 With Satan loosed from his prison, he will
again  directly  control  the  world's  empires,  but  this  time  his
kingdom will appear as ten political or economic regions.

Revelation 17:12-13 And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten
kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive
power  as  kings  one hour with  the  beast.  These  have  one
mind,  and  shall  give  their  power  and  strength  unto  the

In the past, visible world empires have always been controlled
by visible public figures, but these ten horns are different. First,
they don't come out of any of the heads but from the beast itself,
so they  are NOT the descendants  of one of the seven previous
empires. Second, they are not real kings or political leaders, but
they receive power "as kings," so they are some kind of shadow
empire operating behind the scenes, and that exactly fits global
conditions today.

Folks,  the  following  observations  are  not  the  fevered
imagination of some conspiracy nut. These organizations do exist,
and their influence on our land of liberty and their control of our
financial  systems  can  be  read  about  in  your  own  local  paper.
What's  more,  they  exactly  fit  Bible  prophecy  about  the  final
Gentile empire to come.

1   In day=year time, one hour is 15.44 days, a little over two weeks.

 160  The False Prophet

 Drawing 2

Shortly after World War II, at the suggestion of major European
bankers, a group of financiers and politicians in the United States,
formed the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). That organization
then founded the Trilateral Commission (TC). In 1954, the CFR
hosted a meeting in the Bilderburg Hotel in Oosterbeek, Holland
(thus the name, the Bilderburgers), with the express purpose of
regionalizing  Europe.  Today's  European  Common  Market  is  a
product of that meeting. A further development of that meeting
was the establishment of a European arm of the CFR named the
Club of Rome. The Club was given one major task to perform: to
divide  the  world  into  ten  economic  regions  and  plan  for  their
unification under one economic head. If you noticed the number
ten ... then alarm bells should start going off in your head. The
Club held its first meeting in 1968, and proposed that these ten
trading areas be known as ten kingdoms.1

1  Nicolo Nicolov, The World Conspiracy (Portland OR, Nicolov 1974) p220

 Scarlet Beast  161

Revelation 17:12 And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten
kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive
power as kings one hour with the beast.

The CFR and the Trilateralists see the world as ten kingdoms,
and almost every important appointed or elected official in
Washington, of either party, is a member of one or both of those
organizations. The United States, Canada, and Mexico are Region
One of this Ten-Horned hegemony, and that is what NAFTA was
really all about:  the  forming  of Region One.1 These one-world
organizations are all intertwined, with many members in common.
There are other even less visible groups, like the Illuminati, but
they all have a single goal: total economic, political and spiritual
control of the world.  

A few years later, the same international bankers and politicos
put  their  plan  into  action  by  forming  a  committee  called  the
General Agreement on Tariff and Trade (GATT). It should come
as  no  surprise  that  GATT  views  the  world  as  the  same  ten
kingdoms envisioned by the Club of Rome. In speaking of these
international financiers, Barry Goldwater wrote:

The Council of Foreign Relations is the American branch of
a  society  which  originated  in  England...(and)...believes
national boundaries  should  be  obliterated  and  one-world
rule established. The Trilateral Commission is international
...  (and)  ...  intends  to  be  the  vehicle  for  multi-national
consolidation  of  the  commerce  and  banking  interests  by
seizing  control  of  the  political  government  of  the  United

What  (they)  truly  intend  is  the  creation  of  a  world-wide
economic power superior to the political government of the
nation  states  involved.  As  managers  and  creators  of  the
system, they will rule the future.2

1  Gary H. Kah, En Route to Global Occupation (Lafayette, LA, Huntington House
Publishers, 1992) pp.23-50.
2  Barry Goldwater, With  No  Apologies,  as  cited  by  Nicolo  Nicolov,  The  World
Conspiracy (Portland OR, Nicolov 1974),  pp161-164.

 162  The False Prophet

Goldwater's words were indeed prophetic. By 1987, the
Trilateral Commission (TC) controlled 60% of the world's wealth
through banks, presidents of multi-nationals, media moguls, polit-
icians, and university authorities.1

The CFR has been in control of US policy for some time now.
At the suggestion of the chairman of the CFR, President Nixon
initiated a special enforcement arm of the executive branch known
as the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Ignoring
both state boundaries and state governments, this agency sees the
United States as ten management regions and recognizes the same
ten global kingdoms as established by the CFR, TC, and GATT.2

Structurally, FEMA behaves as a federal police force, answerable
to the executive branch alone. From an organizational standpoint,
FEMA and the BATF are not unlike the Gestapo or SS  of Nazi
Germany -  they are totally  independent enforcement  agencies
that are not answerable to congress. As a result, this country could
be placed under martial law at the stroke of an executive pen.

Most of our important elected or appointed officials support
a one-world government and the termination of the United States
as a sovereign nation. Our handsome officials don't look like the
betrayers of our Constitution because they wear coats and ties and
sound oh so environmentally concerned and so "compassionate,"
but many are covertly maneuvering our country away from our
traditional democratic form of government.

A small handful of honest legislators have tried to defeat the
unconstitutional  mandates  being  issued  by  one-world  leaders
through  the  executive  branch  and  other  authorities,  but  their
efforts are not reported in the media (why am I not surprised), so
the American people have no idea what is really going on. Those
who do try to investigate the conspiracy, like Senator John Tower

1  Hillarie du Berrier, Bulletin (Ft Collins, Co, Committee to Restore the Constitu-
tion, Dec 1989), p4.
2  Mihajlo Mesarovic, Mankind at the Turning Point (New York, NY, E. P. Dutton &
Co, 1974), p143

 Scarlet Beast  163

or Congressman Larry McDonald, are first discredited and then,
by some mysterious fluke of fate, manage to get themselves killed
in fatal airplane "accidents."

Ezekiel  22:27-28 Her princes in the midst thereof  are  like
wolves  ravening  the  prey,  to  shed  blood,  and  to destroy
souls, to get dishonest gain. And her prophets have daubed
[i.e., whitewashed  over] them  with  untempered  mortar,
seeing  vanity,  and  divining  lies  unto  them,  saying,  "Thus
saith the Lord GOD, when the LORD hath not spoken."

Do not be deluded by what you hear on the nightly news, my
friends. Major heads of most communications networks are also
members of the CFR and TC and the "news" we hear from these
sources  is  distorted  to  further  one-world  agendas.  In  its  own
publication, a CFR spokesman declared that it intended to make
an end run around our national sovereignty to "get us to the new
world order." The long range goal of the agencies controlled by
international  financiers  is  to  bring  us  under  a  world  financial
government ruled by them.1

Revelation 13:17 no man might buy or sell, save he that had the
mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

It all begins to fit together, doesn't it? But this would be of
little importance to Christians who are walking in the Lord were
it not for one cataclysmic problem. According to their plans, these
ten kingdoms will be governed by a council of ten. These financial
and political world leaders are not Christians. They are New-
Agers, and many are outright occultists who are channeling with
demons.2  Most  overtly  hate  fundamental  Christians  (no  big

1  Richard N. Gardner, Member of CFR, and former deputy Assistant Secretary of
State for International Organizations under both Johnson and Kennedy. Foreign
Affairs, the quarterly periodical of the Council on Foreign Relations (New York, NY
April 1974), p52.
2  There is a "meditation room" in the UN. In its center is a large block of black
stone. Behind the stone is an abstract of what might be the sun or the all-seeing
eye of Osiris. William Jasper writes in Global Tyranny, Step by Step (Appelton, WI,
Western Islands): "New Age Guru Shri Chinmoy who leads meditations there says:
The UN is a chosen messenger of God ... a divine messenger... One day the world
will treasure the soul of the UN as its very own.. "  Many one-world leaders are
New-Agers. Some are occultists while others are into eastern mystery religions.

 164  The False Prophet

surprise, considering it is Satan who controls them), so when they
come into power, persecution, imprisonment, and even death
could again be the lot of the saints, just as the Bible predicts:

Revelation 11:7 And when they [the  Two Witnesses] shall  have
finished their testimony, the beast that ascendeth out of the
bottomless  pit  shall  make  war  against  them,  and  shall
overcome them, and kill them.

Here  is that beast out  of the bottomless pit  again, and the
Jews and the visible church - the two Witnesses - are right in his
gun sights. Now that we know who the ten horns are, the above
verse exactly parallels the final prophecy about the harlot that sits
on the Scarlet Beast:

Revelation 17:16 And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the
beast,  these  shall  hate  the  whore,  and  shall  make  her
desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her
with fire.1

As Christians play the harlot with the toys of the enemy, that
woman, all decked out in royal apparel, who sits astride the beast,
is  none  other  than  the  visible  church.  She  is  the  mainline
Protestants, with their $25,000,000 sanctuaries, the Roman
Catholics, with their papal authority, and all who have departed
from the Word of God. The fate is sealed for the visible church.
She is going to be destroyed, just as Revelation 11:7-8 foretells.

Consequently, it is of inestimable importance for the "called out
ones," the true Church, to know what it is supposed to do.
It isn't going to be life as usual ... going to church, raising our
children and grandchildren, and saving for a retirement to some
quiet nook in the country. Changing a few people in the Senate or
Congress  isn't  going  to  make  any  difference.  Getting  a  new

1  The term "whore" or "harlot" was used throughout the Old Testament to describe
Israel when it turned away from the Lord: Isa 1:21, Jer 2:20, 3:1-8, Eze 16:1-41,
Hos  2:5,  etc.  God  hates  it,  and  that  same  term  is applicable  to  the  Laodicean
church of today.

 Scarlet Beast  165

President isn't going to  change anything. Most of our revered
political, industrial, and media leaders and many well known
religious names are members of the CFR, TC, COR, Illuminati, or
all four.1 Even if they weren't, they are trying to make peace with
an Islam the Bible declares to be our last enemy.

A new, so-called "laughing revival" or some great charismatic
experience won't change the outcome, either, because it won't
change people's hearts. The magic show you see in the Church
today is just another part of the enemy's grand deception - geared
to lull Laodicean believers to sleep - and it has done just that. The
truth is this: We are in the final generation, and Satan has been
loosed upon the Earth:

Revelation 17:12-13 And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten
kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive
power  as  kings  one hour with  the  beast.  These  have  one
mind,  and  shall  give  their  power  and  strength  unto  the

These Ten Horns will give their power to Satan! Remembering
the day=year calendar, an hour equals about two weeks. Those
"hours" appear in Revelation seven times. The "hour of trial" of
Rev 3:10 equals two weeks. "In that same hour" of Rev 11:13
equals two weeks. "The hour of judgment" of Rev 14:7 equals two
weeks. "In one hour" is recorded three times in the destruction of
Babylon (Rev 18:10, 17, 19). All of these are parallel prophecies
about the same time, and because of these "hours," Armageddon
will probably last about two weeks.2 With today's weaponry, two
weeks is probably long enough. If it were to last much longer,
there might not be a Mount Zion upon which the Lord could stand

1  For  additional  information  on  one-world  multinational  agencies  and  their
connection with the Masonic order: Gary H. Kah, En Route to Global Occupation
(Lafayette LA, Huntington House, 1992).
2 Pray that this hour is not a multiple because if it is, we could be looking at fifteen
years of unimaginable trials.

 166  The False Prophet

when He returns.1 The carnage could go on, but to save the few
elect who are still hanging on by their fingernails, Jesus will put
a stop to it.  

Revelation 17:14 These  shall make war with the Lamb, and the
Lamb shall overcome them: for he is Lord of lords, and King
of kings: and they that are with him are called, and chosen,
and faithful.

Seven times in Revelation we read of the "hour of trial," and
that hour is upon us. As of this writing, the Ten Horns are here, so
with the exception of  that hour and the battle of Armageddon
itself, there is little prophecy left to be fulfilled.

Europe is fast sliding into the Middle Eastern camp with Islam
the fastest-growing religion there. Amsterdam, Holland, home of
the Anabaptist martyrs, has become a cesspool of iniquity. A witch
in Zurich, Switzerland, knows only two Christians, and they don't
live there. She met them  in  the  train  station, while  they were
touring Europe.2 The USSR has collapsed, and there is credible
evidence that her break-away states are selling nuclear arms to
radical Islamic countries. As a result, Iraq, and possibly even Iran
may now possess nuclear arsenals and a covert delivery ability to
get those weapons to any target they wish.

Revelation 11:18  (excerpts) ... and thy wrath is come, and the time
. . that thou shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth.

Amos 5:18-20  Woe unto you that desire the day of the
LORD! to what end  is  it  for you?  the day of  the LORD is
darkness, and not light. As if a man did flee from a lion, and
a bear met him; or went into the house, and leaned his hand
on the wall, and a serpent bit him. Shall not the day of the
LORD be darkness, and not light? even very dark, and no
brightness in it?

1 Mat 24:22  And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be
saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened.
2 The woman, dressed in all black, came up to a Christian family who was touring
Europe and asked, "Where is your spiritual aura? You are the only people I have
ever seen without a spiritual aura."

 Scarlet Beast  167

The little flock that would give their all for Jesus knows by the
Spirit that we have lost our beloved land. Greed has destroyed our
crystal rivers and endless forests. Our bountiful wildlife has been
decimated, and the passenger pigeon is no more.

Woe to us, indeed. What are we to do? Well, in identifying the
final  enemies  of  the  Church  (the  Leopard-Bear-Lion  and  Ten
Horns of the Scarlet Beast), we are seeing the final signs that "our
redemption draweth nigh" (Luk 21:28). But what we need  to
know  is  this:  How  does  the  Lord  intend  to  hide  us  from  the
enemy's clutches.

A COUPLE MORE NEWS BRIEFS, Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2001
Two Israelis are dead, four are seriously wounded, and close
to 40 others are hurt. These are the results of a Palestinian
terrorist attack in Jerusalem this afternoon, in which one or
more Arabs opened fire at a public bus near the French Hill
junction. Alert citizens and soldiers opened fire and killed
one  terrorist,  but  not  before  he  managed  to  fire  several
rounds of fire through the front of the bus - full with many
high school girls returning from their studies. This was the
5th terrorist attack at this junction. One of the wounded is
the driver, an Arab resident of eastern Jerusalem., Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2001
How many more? Yet another Israeli civilian was murdered
today  when  Palestinian  terrorists  ambushed  his  car  with
gunfire,  south  of  Shechem.  The  terrorists  were  then
overtaken  and  killed  by  an  IDF  force.  It  occurred  not  far
from  the  Gilad  Junction,  named  for  Gilad  Zar,  who  was
murdered there in a similar attack about five months ago.
The terrorist cell included members of Hamas, Fatah, and
the Communist Party.

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