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The False Prophet  



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He hath remembered his covenant forever,
the word which he commanded
to a thousand generations.
PSALMS 105:8  

SO far, you have read some almost unbelievable Bible prophecies,
many of which have come to pass right in our own generation. All
were about Jerusalem, the Jewish people, the Holy Land or Islam.
All were timed prophecies and all were fulfilled right to the year.
Let's review those prophecies for a moment:

1. The 1290 days of Dan 12:11 fulfilled in 688AD by the
construction of the Moslem Dome of the Rock.
2 The 42 months of Rev 11:2 fulfilled in 1967AD by the
freeing of Jerusalem from Gentile control.
3. The 1260 Days of Rev 11:3 fulfilled in 1948AD by the
Jewish people returning to their homeland.
4. The 1260 days of Rev 12:5 fulfilled in 1948AD by the
establishment of the new nation of Israel.
5. The Time, Times and Half  Time of Dan 7:25 fulfilled in
1948AD by the new nation of Israel.
6. The Time, Times and Half  Time of Dan 12:7 fulfilled in
1967AD by the freeing of Jerusalem.
7. The Season and Time of Dan 7:12 fulfilled in 1948AD
when Gentiles lost control of the Holy Land.

It is a statistical impossibility for all the above prophecies to
exactly fit Scripture and history to the year, as they do, unless this
is the correct interpretation; and my, what doors of understanding
those prophecies open for us. Looking back at the rest of the Bible
through the doctrinal filter the "Great Detective" has given us in
Revelation, we now know that the time of the Gentiles is over.

 80  The False Prophet

Since we can identify the Two Witnesses, we also know that God
has not forgotten His chosen people, the Jews. We further know
that  the  Abomination  of Desolation  is  not  an  antichrist  in  our
future, but a building that has stood on Mount Moriah for over
1300 years. In addition, since prophecies throughout Revelation
have already been fulfilled, it appears that the book is not about
events in some future tribulation period, but about happenings
within our own Christian Era. These fulfillments of prophecy are
real,  folks,  whether  we  are  ready  for  them  or  not,  and  they
strongly impact the rest of our end-time doctrines.

All those prophecies were thought to be about a Seven Year
Great Tribulation,  but  they aren't! 688, 1948 and 1967 were
pivotal years, indeed. What follows now are the conclusions to
which I was inexorably driven as I built logically on the prophetic
importance  of  the  new  nation  of  Israel  and  Islam  as  shown
through the day=years and times. If we stand behind Revelation,
as we now can, and look back at the rest of the Bible through the
filter  of what that book has  taught us, a  totally new doctrinal
picture appears. A picture that is very hard to believe.

The  historic  fulfillment  of  Daniel's  times  enables  us  to
understand Revelation's  times, and Revelation's  times show  us
what  happened  to  the  ten  tribes  of  northern  Israel  after
Shalmaneser of Assyria dispersed them into Mesopotamia in 725-
722BC, and knowing what happened  to those ten tribes is of
importance to us. Who and where are they? That story appears to
be hidden in the native religions of isolated tribes like the Karen,
Yalu, Rengma, and Lahu.

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