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Church Doctrine
The Church can't see past it's end-time doctrines.  The increasingly singularly doctrinal (Alcazar's), and nicolaitan chat forum, ( ) found it necessary to censor the posting of Skolfield's (by extension Matt Henry, van Braght, Newton, etc.) day = year material when it became increasingly apparent that the truth in this Bible study could not be substantively refuted, while at the same time it dashed the eschatology of partial preterism.  It is the messenger that is then attacked, rather than the substance.  The math was banned on the spurious claim that it was date setting, when in fact it is the exact opposite, dealing only with FULFILLED prophecy, and historical dates and historical events.  Preterists do the same when they exegete Daniel's 70 weeks.  Two historical dates, two historical events.  But then the myriad of verses that prophesied the Jewish restoration to our covenant land dashed their doctrine in 1948 and 1967.  Partial preterists have to pretend that two of the most significant dates in the last 60 years are of no importance, in spite of their significance today, and their perfect mathematical fulfillment.  

The nicolaitan website ( ) bans all discussion that they deem contrary to a "pre-tribulation rapture".  They maintain a section that they pretend is for other points of view, but when a person brings substantive discussion and scripture to bear, they will be banned.  They do, however, tolerate inarticulate points of view that are contrary.  Skolfield's Bible study is not allowed at  

I don't believe the Berean hearted Reformers would recognize the Protestant Church today.

The Catholic forums are even more quick to censor.  It would seem that the further a church is from the truth, the harder a time they have of defending their doctrine.  The Catholic forums are not only anti-Zionist, but they have more than their share of anti-Semetic Jew bashers.  They have this in common with the preterist sites because in both cases the restoration of the Jews to our land blows their eschatology out of the water.